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" There exists another pop, a pop of the street level in this metaphorical city.  A pop with a lineage in bedrooms. We love this Pop. "  
- 20jazzfunkgreats, december 2011


" Chevalier Avant Garde deliver the utmost serious retro-futurist pop, edgy for reminding us we’re constantly nearing the advent of robot lust and digital mal de vivre"

-Weird Canada, February 2012


Chevalier Avant Garde is Dimitri and Filip, a Montreal-based duo of European expats who share a love of low-light shadows and ancient ruins. Dimitri, of Greek-Egyptian descent, spent his dysfunctional childhood on the island of Crete riding his Kawasaki around the beach of a NATO base. His dad, a sailor, introduced him to adult contemporary Cretan music, but Dimitri always preferred Whitney Houston and the Byzantine liturgy. Not too much is known about Filip except that he grew up in the Polish industrial city of Lodz where he worked as a ball boy for the LKS Lodz sports club. In his downtime he watched Eurovision reruns with his aunt.


Upon meeting each other in Montreal, Dimitri and Filip discovered their mutual affinity for aged mustards, pickles and Asiago cheese. They've been sharing groceries ever since. Between bouts of drinking and listening to mix CDs on the sound system of Dimitri's 2005 Suzuki, Heterotopias was conceived. The LP takes its title from the Foucaultian concept of "alternative spaces", areas existing only between "here" and "there". These are simultaneously illusory and real, familiar yet foreign, like a telephone call or a déjà vu. Heterotopias' 10 songs evolve from one such indeterminate juncture, a place where idealized declarations of love meet droning, dispassionate beats to convey both overt sentimentality and overwhelming apathy.


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